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How much does the appraisal cost?

How long does an appointment take?

What does an appraisal involve?

Do I have to leave my jewellery with you, and if so for how long?

Can I wait while the examination is taking place?

How soon will my appraisal be ready?

How do I know if my diamond/gemstone has not been switched?

Does my diamond need to be unset for the examination?

What makes your services better than your competitors?





Q: How much does the appraisal cost?

A: An appraisal for a diamond ring with less than 1.0 carat of diamonds is $95. For larger diamond carat weights & other jewellery items, the prices can be found on the website under the prices tab.





Q: How long does an appointment take?

A: For a single item the appointment can take an 1 - 1 1/2 hour depending on how many questions the client has.




Q: What does an appraisal involve?

A: First, a thorough physical inspection of the item(s). This includes photography, weights, measurements, gem ID and testing, colour & clarity grading, cut grade assessment, carat weight estimation, circa dating as required, and an analysis of the jewellery manufacture. Second, a thorough investigation of the current market values of the stones, the setting, the style, and the provenance of the item(s) in various markets (retail, wholesale, auction, liquidation, etc.)



Q: Do I have to leave my jewellery with you, and if so for how long?

A: Yes, you do have to leave your item(s) with us during the physical examination, but the wait time (1-1.5 hrs per item) will be relatively short compared to what retail stores can offer. Usually articles are returned the same day. For multiple items our wait times can be negotiated to suit the client.



Q: Can I wait while the examination is taking place?

A: Yes, we offer a separate waiting area where clients can wait while the inspection is taking place.



Q: How soon will my appraisal be ready?

A: The report for a single item is usually ready 24-48 hours after examination. Appraisals containing multiple items will take longer depending on the type of report requested.



Q: How do I know if my diamond/gemstone has not been switched?

A: We do not buy or sell jewellery or loose gemstones. We have no skill or tools for unsetting or resetting gemstones, nor do we have any interest in doing so. In order for someone to switch your gems, they would have to have an inventory of thousands and thousands of gems on hand ready to do so, which would entail having a retail store. Our business is completely service oriented and based entirely on trust. We have no ties whatsoever to any retail jewellery store so you can be assured that your gems will NEVER be switched while your jewellery is in our care. We pride ourselves on being unbiased, independent and separate from any retail jewellers. We want to ensure that our clients are not separated from their valuables any longer than absolutely necessary, so we strive for a speedy property return after the examination.



Q: Does my diamond need to be unset for the examination?

A: No, it can be measured and graded within its setting. In extraordinary circumstances we may feel it necessary to examine your diamond loose; we would discuss this with you in advance so you can arrange to have it unset and reset.



Q: What makes your services better than your competitors?

A: We offer a full range of appraisal services tailored to meet our clients' individual needs. Properly researched apprasials require more than just gemmological training. They require study, testing and regular requalification in apprasial methodology given by professional appraisal organizations. We are current on the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice to which all professional appraisers are required to adhere. We are proud to be members of four (4) professional appraisal organizations: Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA), International Society of Appraisers (ISA), National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) & the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers (AIJV). All of these organizations have rigid codes of conduct for ethical behaviour and strict standards of confidentiality that we are sworn to uphold. We have one of the very few appraisers in British Columbia who is both a gemmologist and an appraiser.

Our reports are unbiased and market research driven. We do not offer a single page document. In our opinion, this does not serve our client's best interests. A single page document will have minimal information at best, often with no photo(s) and this document will disclaim any responsibility for their opinions. Jewellery ownership is emotional. These valuables are connected to people and special events. Aren't they worth protecting for future generations with a well written appraisal?

We are dedicated to providing superior service, a work product that is defensible and accurately reflects the purpose of our client's needs. We offer a quick turn around time for article inspection and completed appraisals. We will never sacrifice quality for speed in our reporting so our work product is always thorough and detailed. Our appraisals have multiple digital photographs, highly detailed descriptions of the articles, circa dating as required, measurements, weights, gem identification, etc -- very specific information that serves your interests.

We maintain professional development by annually attending appraisal or gem and jewellery conferences/ workshops to update our knowledge & skill sets. This helps us stay current with changes in the revelant marketplaces. Few of our competitors offer as many services. Our professional fees are reflection of the quality and service we offer.


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